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Have a song and need it to sound amazing? That’s great, because I’m rather good at doing just that! Perhaps you’re a singer or band looking to create a killer demo. Or maybe you’re an established artist looking for a top producer to heighten your chances of getting another hit. My name’s Andy Whitmore I help and encourage people just like you to make your music the very best it can be. I’ve been doing it for over 25 years, and I’ve helped everyone from Peter Andre and Atomic Kitten, to Elton John and Terence Trent D’arby. I can’t promise a Gold or Platinum selling record; but I can guarantee that your breath will be taken away by the final result. I’ll naturally tune in to your style; mix, add instruments, polish vocals and use the facilities of my fully equipped recording studio and my experience to bring out the strength in your music and make it appeal to the audience you are targeting.

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Regardless of the genre of music you play, I’ll take an objective, creative and professional approach to making it sound ‘world-class’.

You’ll not only benefit from my cutting-edge producing & programming skills; you’ll also get my highly accomplished, industry recognised keyboard playing  that has featured on some of history’s most successful songs. With my full production package, you’ll also gain access to some of the brightest vocal, musical and technical talent in the UK today. You’ll work alongside one of the best ‘hand-picked’ production teams money can buy – GUARANTEED!

Let’s make things happen I’m fully committed to making sure that you sound the very best you can be; but unfortunately I can’t offer promotional or management services. I’m often asked to do so, but my energy is concentrated solely on the creative elements of this business, ensuring that you get my very best input, every time. I want that ‘next hit’ as much as you do, so I’ll put as much heart and effort in to your music project as I have with all of the music heroes I’ve worked with in the past. My enthusiasm and passion for music is as bright today as it was when I started out.
Every single element of your song will be finely tuned, polished and cut into a releasable track, ready for any broadcast facility to play. Click here to visit my Services page. So take the next step with what you have to offer the world and give me a call today. Call 07850 735591 or use the contact form. By: Andy Whitmore Music Producer at Greystoke Recording Studio London.


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Alexander O’Neal
“Man… you made it all that much better. Thanks brother.”
Malcolm McLaren
“4 weeks in the studio with you, was worth a million ideas. Thanks, Andy!”

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