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The perfect environment to record your track.


Greystoke Studio, in London’s Ealing, has been designed and built to provide the best, possible recording experience money can buy.

A huge investment has been made in the development of the studio and it began by enlisting the services of one of the world’s best recording studio designers – Miloco.

The sound is forced into the direction that I want it to go and enables me (along with using the best equipment) to add a dimension to music that sits well above many of my contemporaries.





The studio facilities

Live Room 1

The studio has a control room along with two ‘live’ rooms. All rooms are fully air conditioned and have been ‘acoustically’ designed, meaning that mixes are ‘true’ and production sounds ‘natural’.

There’s a beautiful, Gretsch Catalina Maple 6-piece drum kit, with Sabian cymbals.
And, I can’t tell you how much pleasure it gives me to inform you that I’ve recently taken possession of a refurbished, 1908, Steinway piano. It’s a stunning instrument that has to be heard to be believed.

You’ll find a modern kitchen, with a range of drinks including your favourite coffees and even a cold beer if you fancy one.

There’s also a shower room.


Want to know more about the equipment I use?


Steinway with logo closeI have everything needed to create just about any sound you can think of. This includes cutting edge, digital & analogue recording equipment and over 50 different keyboards.

To learn more about the equipment I use just go to the recording studio equipment page.

Click here to visit my services page.

Call me today on 07850 735 591 to book the studio or use the contact form.




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