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Andy Whitmore Studio Tour of Greystoke Studio, West London, UK 2020 – Over 40 keyboards & synths

Europa – Making a 90’s style dance track in Logic Pro X

Roland SH-101 SH101 Analog Synthesizer (1983) sound demo | Synth HQ DEMO & TUTORIAL

Calico Street Riots released their second single with a second video from Greystroke Studio too!

Roland Jupiter-4 Vintage 1979 Sounds & Presets | HQ DEMO & TUTORIAL

Andy Whitmore Producer Video 2

Andy Whitmore Producer Video 3

Andy Whitmore Producer Video 4

Andy Whitmore Producer Video 5

Andy Whitmore on Sky News with Joe Tidy – Music is Getting Sadder

Adam Saunders

“Justin Bieber // NHS Choir BRIT Awards 2016 Mix (piano)”
Greystoke Studio

Adam Saunders – signed to Universal Records – plays Greystoke’s Steinway Piano

Claudio Delgift



“Into Me”


“Disco Nation”

Zero Day 

“Broken Bottle”




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Tyrana Temi

“Again and Again”

The Brexiteer

Gabor records drums at Greystoke Studio

Aurelia Skincare

Karel Ullner

“Broken Out”
Produced at Greystoke Studio by Andy Whitmore & Matt Knight

Swing Deep Jam – 1 Min Edit – David & Andy Whitmore

Karel Ullner

“Closer To My Body”
Produced by Andy Whitmore & Matt Knight

“Embrace difference and be proud of it.” Karel Ullner is a singer-songwriter, a producer and a guitarist. He throws his ideas into his “blender” and out comes a mix of lyrically thoughtful pop/rock and electronic music. His creative process is like reverse engineering, translating the visual pictures and emotions into songs and sounds.  The full sound production fills his head and he gets busy transferring it into a recording.


Produced by Andy Whitmore & Matt Knight

“Up-and-coming Italian singer and songwriter, 1ofUs delivers his debut EP, CIRCLES, a stunning electropop record themed around his life’s journey.

No longer young, CIRCLES nonetheless feels surprisingly fresh in sound, sporting some very flashy and modern electronic instrumentation courtesy of producers Andy Whitmore and Matt Knight. Born on the border between Italy and Slovenia, his music also contains a touch of Italian/Balkan influence. The album was recorded and produced in London. Lead single ‘Home’ takes inspiration from the November 2015 Paris bombings, reflecting on the need for home as a place of peace for oneself and for others. It is a topical and highly relatable song that proves Francesco’s musical relevance and his talents as a lyricist.

As he further explains: ‘the song touches on the difficulties of being free, of loving, of being together, and the fact that this hardship must not stop the journey towards our soul.’”


“Bring on the Sunshine”
Produced by Andy Whitmore, Matt Knight & Sparrohs

Greystoke Studios

Lisa Scott-Lee

Alex O’Neal

TTD the Tube Live – Wonderful World

TTD the Tube Live – If you let me stay

Cathy Dennis – Wogan

Sugar – Moog Solo

Le Lis

Richie Sampson – What Did I do

Produced by Andy Whitmore for www.andywhitmore.com

Lovely Day

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