Formed in 2010 during an army exercise in Salisbury…

Jason Francis (lead vocals) 
Harry Smith (guitarist) began writing songs whilst resting in the barracks. What seemed to have been fun initially Jason and Harry from The Watchto both soldiers, quickly turned into some salient-sounding music and soon they had built up an audience of army peers-soldiers and officers alike. A few months later they’d began work with Guy Barnes, had b een played on their barrack radio station and turned from two serving soldiers into two recordable artists.  With the support of the MOD and charities like the Army Benevolent Fund and Help for Heroes, they have a strong and bright future. Their music is a fusion of reggae, rock, pop, funk and soul.

With Andy, The Watch have been working on three tracks, recording live instruments Ed recording drumbs for The Watchalongside more produced elements. Below are some snapshots of the project, including session drummer Ed Williams.

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