The quality of the music that’s coming out of the studio at the moment has been nothing short of exceptional. Andy Whitmore and the team have especially enjoyed producing their latest tracks –”Into Me” and “Disco Nation”.

Into Me was written by Andy, Matt Knight and Joe Killington. It’s a track that has a real catchy, summer vibe and the recently-shot video has done a great job of capturing Clara Hurtado’s fabulous talent. Clara is a rising star we’ve had our eye on for a while, coming runner up in The Voice UK. We were just waiting for the right moment to get her into the studio and, boy, she didn’t disappoint. Plus, she’s been an absolute joy to work with.

Disco Nation is another track that we’ve had so much fun producing. We were very lucky to get the exceptional Henrietta Adewole into the studio. She’s done an amazing job of replicating that 1970s disco vibe – so much so, that we haven’t seen anyone who’s listened to it, not tap their foot.

Yep, it’s been a great month and we’re not even halfway through. Both songs are doing great and steadily climbing the Top 40.

Oh, and just before we get back to recording… don’t forget to check out The official Omnivi3e YouTube channel. There’s plenty of upbeat electronic dance music to listen to.

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