With over 800 songs published, media owners and broadcasters know that the quality of the production music they license from me is of the highest calibre. If you require something entirely bespoke and composed purely for your production, I’ll seduce your audience and bring out the soul in your message.

Original composition, or from my huge back-catalogue

Perhaps you don’t have the budget for something entirely unique. No problem!
I’m certain that I’ll have something in the catalogue that will more than adequately suit your requirements.

If you have a commercial that needs a punch, require a jingle that needs to be catchy, or you’ve a film you have a split second to promote, I can produce and compose the music that’ll hit the spot.

I compose for all of these genres and much more…

  • Radio Jingles
  • TV Commercials
  • Film Trailers
  • Television Programmes
  • Video Games
  • Short Films
  • Documentaries
  • Mood Inducing

Andy Whitmore album signed to Sonoton – SCDV 684 Worldspheres








Some of the songs/jingles I’ve composed and the organisations that have played them.


Composed music for a Vevie Ad.


Energy Shot for Score Production Library



Music used on: The Oprah Winfrey Show | The Simpsons | Fraser | RTL logo
Cartoon Network | Cbeebies | CBS Drama Primetime | Choice FM | Discovery Channel | E! Entertainment | ESPN UK Primetime | Film4 (SPD) | Football First 1 Primetime (Census) | G.O.L.D (SPD) | Gay TV Primetime | GEOD – BBC Worldwide | Hong Kong (CASH) Films | Hustler TV UK (NSPD) | Ideal World Non-Primetime | ITV1 Breakfast | ITV | C4 | BBC | Five | MTV | My Super Sweet 16 | My Place In The Sun | Dispatches | What Not To Wear | Fantasy Home By The Sea | The Real Hustle | Total Wipeout | Four Weddings | Passport To Europe | How Stuff’s Made | How To Look Good Naked with Carson Kressley | Midsomer Murders | Coupling | While You Were Out.

Wrote &produced an album for Getty’s Pump Audio Company.

Richard Hammond’s Engineering Connections: Series 3, Burj Al Arab – incidental music.



Signed deal with Accorder Music to have 20 songs published for worldwide use including Hollywood, UK & Europe TV & film.



Wrote & produced “Blitzer” for ITV’s Champion League Football.
The programme has been sold to 290 TV stations all over the world. I subsequently went on to compose 8 more tracks using my music for Champions League football that has run on ITV for 3 years & has just been renewed for another 3 years.

I composed the music for the James Villas Holiday advert which screened on all UK channels. It’s also used on Des & Mel (ITV) & The Holiday Programme (Five TV).



Working for Five TV, writing and recording several TV themes including “Imagine Loans”, “Beach Bums & Boobs”. (Audience 4m) & ITV’s Ford advert.

Wrote “Interstella” for Channel 4 promo.

Composed music for a Daily Express Ad.

Composed music for a Johnny Walker Ad.

Composed music for a VW Ad.



Composed the Highland Spring water Ad.
Wrote “When It’s Over” for ITV promo.


Pre 2008

Composed funky Sax for ITV house-makeover programme.
Worked with Malcolm McLaren on many ads including the ‘classic’ BA ad & Bounty bar ad.


Here’s what’s on my library show reel

Interstella Channel Four Logo
Blitzer Champions League Football Theme for 2003-2007
When It’s Over ITV Advertising their programmes
Man ITV & many others
Polaris Champions League Football
Hip Dip & Heavy ITV
Game On Various
Temptation TV Classic
Arabesque Various
Shah’s Bazaar MTV
Azure Various
Ibiza Girls This Morning
Gloria Widespread Use

Allow me to compose something unique for you or use my catalogue of library music.

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