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My Approach to Making Great Music.

How I work as a producer

When I hear a sound, things start to happen…

When I see other great professionals do their jobs brilliantly, no matter what they are…plumber, baker, salesman, etc…they have one thing in common.

They all have a certain magic that sets them apart. They’ve cultivated their own methods and techniques but, above all, they have a natural affinity with what they do. They are perfectionists.

And I suppose this is where it all starts. With a natural affinity; an inborn gut-feeling that when I hear a sound, an instrument, or vocals, I instinctively know what can be done to improve them. A voice inside me takes over and I just want to keep making it sound better until it can’t be improved further.

Making brilliant music is a journey

When I work with artists, musicians, or other music professionals, l see each one as being an essential element in what will eventually be the final product. In both pre and post production I know when to tweak something and when to leave it alone. There’s nothing worse than over-producing a song for the sake of it.

Making music creates a variety of paths to tread and it’s a big part of my job to determine which path will be the right one for any given style or genre of music.

My London recording studio is filled with the very best traditional and modern equipment so, whatever sound it is we’re working on, I won’t stop until that voice inside me tells me it’s absolutely perfect.

Give me a call, and let’s take that journey together.

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